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We introduce visionary young talent to the world is an online publication amplifying what young people actually have to say right now. It’s a reflection of what’s really on our minds: how we can improve the world around us through social justice, the movies and TV shows that have changed our lives, all things sex, and the ways in which our identities and mental health interact with the moving parts of our everyday lives. Through the vehicles of short stories, personal essays, and op-eds, our writers are telling it like it is—they’re penning verbose political pieces and slang-filled essays and not worrying about which is more professional. Through our collaborations with impressive teen-run publications like Crybaby, Lithium, Pure Nowhere, and Speciwomen, we’ve gained a myriad of diverse perspectives that offer up a refreshingly authentic take on what it means to be a young person right now.

Adolescent isn’t so much about rebelliously going against the grain as it is exploring what simply hasn’t been explored in this capacity. It’s about the unspoken rules of cancel culture, the intersection of sex with religion and technology, and interviews with everyone from brain surgeons to Instagram baddies. Adolescent is very much the common ground between high school freshmen and 20-somethings: it’s an ode to every single thing young people are encountering right now, however ethically complicated or painfully blunt.

Our Story

In 2013, Ramaa Mosley and Hope Farley founded Adolescent Content, a world-wide media company creating advertising and entertainment for youth by youth. Comprised of a multi-faceted creative marketing agency, production company, and digital platform, we focus on two groups: Gen Z ages 12 to 19 and young Millennials in their twenties.

Adolescent Content represents young directors and photographers around the world for commercials, branded content, web series, and films. Our collective approach is dedicated to mentoring new talent and incubating youth-focused concepting for brands. Our Creators, located in several different countries, are creatively driven with backgrounds in filmmaking, photography, art, and social media.