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Comics Woman in Winter COMIC

Dec. 14, 2018
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Today's comic is brought to you by winter struggles and Maddie Rizzo. Please enjoy.

The mundanities of everyday life are often where the most humorous moments occur. I’m a college student in New York City who didn’t retrieve her winter coat until about three days ago. Why? Because I’m simultaneously too busy and too lazy. I can write a ten-page paper in one night but I probably didn’t shave my legs. Do you see my point? It’s days like these that get the creative juices flowing. While acknowledging that oftentimes my problems are silly and self-inflicted and there are far more important issues to think about in the world, I can attempt to ease the jitters of my brain by drawing my mundane absurdities into perspective. Being a human is probably the most difficult thing to do! Sometimes you have to take a step back and have a little Jim-Halpert-looking-at-the-camera moment to get some perspective and laugh at yourself a bit. This one goes out to all my fellow ladies who just want some lip balm and a nap.