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Why you need to de-romanticize the stress in your life

Jun. 14, 2017
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We wear stress like a badge of honor. Being the one who got the least amount of sleep, who has the longest to-do list, who drank the most cups of coffee becomes a humblebrag competition among coworkers and friends.  

Why have we convinced ourselves that the less time we earmark for ourselves the happier we’ll be?

Realize that stress is not good for mental health 

Your brain needs sleep and relaxation in order to remain functional and happy. Europeans work an average of 258 fewer hours than Americans, but their work output is not any smaller. Vacations and time off are a vital part of European work culture - and they have the happy employees to prove it. 

Flip the Conversation   

When your daily convos turn to a stress contest, an abrupt subject change is just the thing to knock the subject off the topic table. By demonstrating to others that the amount of stress they bring unto themselves does not warrant a conversation, they’ll quickly learn not to bring it up.  

Understand that being busy does not mean you’re producing quality work

Remember that old phrase “quality over quantity”? Just because you’re staying up all night doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re putting out quality work. Focus on one task, get it done right, and take time for yourself to recharge.