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Veiled love

Jul. 23, 2018
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I got this curtain from a thrift store by my house for like six dollars. I was so happy because it was so beautiful to me, and I saw so many possibilities for what it could symbolize. Throughout the shoot I tried to use the curtain to evoke different feelings: being trapped, infatuation, obsession, and isolation. For me it was important that my models were a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Also, it was important to depict an ethereal, haunting type of love. The underlying theme of this shoot was chaotic romance. Love is a complicated and sometimes scary thing—especially for queer kids. I wanted these photos to be filled with an array of emotions, some good some bad. 

 Working with friends really helped in terms of chemistry! I really advise other creatives to work with friends or maybe meet up with their models for coffee beforehand. I think it just helps with the flow of the shoot and everyone's comfort. It's also fun to bring your models along when you get props, especially if you hit up thrift stores! It's always a treasure hunt trying to find things for a shoot, and an easy way to bond with your models. This shoot is so important to me, because I definitely focused on the anatomy and positioning of all the photos in this series. It was all very particular and constructed, and I loved it! I love creating scenes in confined spaces like bedrooms or tight corners around city buildings. Whenever I look back on the photos, they always feel like film stills. This shoot was an unforgettable experience.