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UP/DOWN [film]: living with bipolar disorder

Sep. 14, 2018
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UP/DOWN [film]: living with bipolar disorder

Trigger Warning: [death or dying]

Last month we released Kiele's powerful essay on living with bipolar disorder. We have always admired her for being so open on Adolescent about living with bipolar disorder and Kiele has always been and continually is a huge advocate for mental health awareness and practicing self care. September is Suicide Prevention Month and we wanted to share her film UP/DOWN. Through this piece, Kiele visually shows us her experience of coping with the harsh ups and downs of hypomania and depression and shares resources that have helped through her journey.

An excerpt from her written piece of the same name:
" I am slowly unlearning this idea that I am terrible for something I have no control over. I am unlearning the shame and embarrassment I feel in being bipolar. I am learning acceptance."