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The Ms. Moppy Holiday Special: episode 1

Dec. 24, 2017
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The Ms. Moppy Holiday Special: episode 1

After what feels like a very long year, Christmas has come. It can be hard to get into the holiday spirit, what with the fights to defend basic rights, the natural disasters, not to mention the courage sexual assault victims had in revealing some very bad men. 

We have some good news, though! Maris Jones and Molly Schneider from Dropkick Designs will force you into some holiday cheer (dare we say jolly?). Molly Schneider plays Ms. Moppy, a plucky old lady with a tale or two. So cozy up to the fire and grab some cocoa with us.

Tales 2 and 3 of The Ms. Moppy Holiday Special will go up tomorrow and on Christmas Day!