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Photo The hands of the NYC police brutality protest

Jun. 11, 2020
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Although this particular protest remained peaceful, contrasting greatly to others in the surrounding days where tear gas and rubber bullets were ruthlessly fired, these images show the tension that persisted between the police and those fighting for justice. Hands of all races formed fists in the air while police officers grasped their batons tightly. Following the march from Foley Square to 57th St, I witnessed striking incidents of human compassion and unity; people handed out supplies such as water, masks, and snacks. People embraced each other in honor of the lives lost. People demanded to be treated like people. 

It is important to me as a photojournalist—especially as a white one—to acknowledge my privilege and understand that others face risks that I don't, leading me to capture faceless portraits of the protesters. I feel that this caused the images to hold more power than faces would have, as they demonstrate the solidarity and power among every individual that is a part of the movement.