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Photo The feeling of color

Jan. 12, 2019
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I have been fascinated with psychology since I can remember and there are so many different facets when it comes to the subject. Lately I’ve been exploring the psychology of color, what color might mean to me and also why people are drawn to one color or another. What kind of energy is created between me and the Model and how that might affect what colors I am drawn to versus if I were shooting with someone different.

It’s basically all one big question mark and I haven’t come to any conclusions except for one. There is so much energy out there and inside of us, and I do believe it’s constantly moving around and jiggling through time and space and changing and evolving. It’s like when yellow meets blue, they make green. Different people connecting with each other all making their own kind of color.

When I shot these images, I went off of a feeling more or less rather than a plan. These are the colors the three of us made together on that day, that thought is very special to me. I’ve never been very good with words, maybe that’s why I make photographs instead.

Photography & Styling: Rose Catherine Hohl
MUA: Brittney Reed
Model: Angelina Vancheri