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Sweet freedom

Aug. 26, 2017

“Sweet freedom” is an editorial I shot for the Crybaby Zine Fame Issue. I dreamt up the concept of this shoot in order to emulate the amazing, colorful, happy feelings that I get when I think of summer, because summer truly is my freedom— my freedom to be me and do what I want. Throughout the school year, but toward the end of the school year especially, I felt like the freedom to do what I love to do was taken away from me, so that's what inspired and propelled me to create this editorial. In addition, the timing of this editorial and the release of this issue was totally perfect, because I was put to the task of creating this concept when my summer vacation was just a few weeks away. 

I was able to use colors and tones in these photos as a large part of what brings the concept together and the vision to life. I did this by making sure that everything from the makeup and hair styling to the wardrobe and locations were of the general color scheme of bright juicy yellows, oranges, blues, etc.— all colors that reminded me of the sunset on a beach on a summer night. The location of this shoot was on the beach because that is the first place I and many others go to celebrate the beginning of summer. 

So, in a sense, it is representative of the freedom that you gain when summer begins.

This photo series was shot by Sophia Wilson and styled by Sloane Kratzman for Crybaby Zine. Mia Varrone did makeup, and Goldy Ilowitz did hair.

Adolescent is psyched to be able to bring this and other pieces from the pages of Crybaby Zine to our readers. These photos were originally shot and styled for their Fame Issue—if you like it, check out their store to buy this or other issues!