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Here's how the solar eclipse can affect your relationships

Aug. 16, 2017
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On August 21, there will be a solar eclipse in the confident sign of Leo. A solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the sun and the earth, completely or partially obscuring the sun in the process. When you look up at the sky on August 21, you'll see the moon's shadow, a somewhat eerie yet beautiful phenomenon. Although there's much to be said about the splendor of a solar eclipse, the emotional repercussions of this event and how it can affect relationships is infinitely more interesting. If you know anything about astrology, then you know a solar eclipse heralds major changes. 

Before I discuss the specifics of a solar eclipse, the first thing to understand is how a solar eclipse is different from a lunar eclipse. In the case of a lunar eclipse, the earth blocks the moon from the Sun, cutting off the light of the Sun from the moon. Lunar eclipses tend to be more emotional events because the moon is a very sensitive planet. Ruled by Cancer, the moon is symbolic of our feelings. When a lunar eclipse occurs, our emotional senses are heightened and we're more apt to make decisions, particularly big ones, based on our instincts. The moon also represents the passage of time, so there's a sense of conclusion and finality with a lunar eclipse. 

If you've gone through an especially emotional breakup, Google to see if there was a lunar eclipse on the day you two parted ways.

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As for a solar eclipse, the change it brings is more energized and positive. Although we tend to see more drama and upheaval when a solar eclipse occurs, whatever happens on August 21 will transform your life for the better. If you're in a relationship that you're unsure about, a solar eclipse is a good time to make a clean break. You'll have the powerful energy of the sun and the bravery of Leo the lion on your side, which is an incredible combination. If you've been struggling to find the strength to walk away, you should feel surer of yourself on August 21.

If you're happy with your partner (go you!), the solar eclipse could inspire you to take a big step forward in your relationship. Maybe it's time you two make it official, or maybe you're ready to be more vocal about your needs. Whatever the case may be, the solar eclipse will provide the energy you need to revamp your relationship in a positive way.

For single people, a solar eclipse can affect your relationships with friends, family, and teachers. The sun generally represents a male figure, while a lunar eclipse represents the female spirit—so maybe you're ready to give up on your absent dad once and for all, or you’ll finally be able to friend-zone that guy at school who won’t leave you alone. Although I can't predict which man in your life you'll have an issue with, there's a good chance you'll have had tension with this person before August 21. As you ruminate on this, please don't be anxious or scared. Remember that tension can be an amazing thing, especially since it often leads to a much-needed release. Think about creative tension, for instance. Once bottled-up creative tension is released, the result is epic and inspiring.

It's also important to note the sun will be making contact with Uranus at the time of the eclipse. Considering Uranus is known as the planet of rebellion, change, and freedom, I can't emphasize enough that August 21 is the perfect time to transform your relationship in some way. If you're the type of person that avoids change at all costs, be aware that Uranus seeks out people just like you. Uranus will knock you on your butt if you resist growth, so lean into what you're feeling and take the plunge. If you don't, Uranus' change could be especially startling.

As I said, there's no telling how the solar eclipse on August 21 will affect your relationships. The only thing you can expect is some sort of change and transformation with your loved ones. The good news is you'll the backing of the universe to help you through the growing pains, as Leo is a bold and bright sign full of confidence. If you're more advanced in astrology, look to your natal chart to see what house the eclipse will fall in, as this will you give you a better idea of what to expect. If this isn't you, no worries! Just take a deep breath and let the stars do their work.