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Music Singer-songwriter Wallice on bending genres and finding inspiration in her friends

Nov. 5, 2019
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It’s been over a year and a half since we last interviewed LA-based singer-songwriter Wallice for the premiere of her music video for “Rx.” Now, we're here to debut her newest video—"Call Me By Your Name." Since our last talk, the 20-year-old has traveled the world, played live shows in LA, gotten back into acting, and released brand new music. 

“This last year I’ve been writing and recording so much new music,” she said over email. “I’m currently sitting on a bunch of songs that I can’t wait to release, and hopefully [we can get them out] soon. I’m also planning a third music video with my best friend and the director of my past two music videos, Taylor Fitzgerald. I’m super excited for this one, but we’re still in pre-production.”

Wallice’s new song, “Call Me By Your Name,” was inspired by the award-winning film of the same name. She said that after she saw the movie, she and her close friend, producer David Marinelli, were messing around with a new vocal pedal and produced a slew of songs within an hour—including this one. The film still fresh in her mind, she freestyled the lyrics over the chords Marinelli had created. 

“We wrote ‘Call Me by Your Name’ together, and the song is what it is because of the piano he played,” said Wallice. “David is really easy to work with, and he wants the finished product to be something we both love—which means sometimes it can take a long time to finish a song, because we go through so many revisions.”

Wallice doesn’t consider her music to be one genre or another, and she doesn’t think any modern artists really stick to one category anymore. 

“I really hope to be considered a genre-bending artist. I feel like my music would usually be considered indie-pop, along the lines of Lana Del Rey or Lorde,” she mused. “But I’ve been writing some music recently that sounds a lot more indie-folk like Big Thief or even alt-country like Julia Jacklin.”

When it comes to finding inspiration, Wallice noted that TV shows, movies, and photos are crucial for her—especially since she loves taking photos when she’s with her friends or out traveling. (Fun fact: she actually took the cover photo for “Call Me By Your Name” while traveling in Positano, Italy.)

Now back in LA after visiting Italy, Kauai, Belize, and Japan over the past year, Wallice has been playing live shows and honing her skills as an actor and artist. 

“I love acting—it’s so much fun,” she gushed. “In these next few years I hope to be a part of a movie or series. Dylan Minnette from Wallows and Thirteen Reasons Why inspires me because I want to be able to work as an actor [while] also touring. I’d be up for the challenge.”

As of right now, she’s preparing for a few more shows, collaborating with new artists, and learning how to produce music on her own. Outside of the larger names in music, though, Wallice is continuously inspired by the work her friends produce.

“I’m...inspired by my friends,” said Wallice. “Recently my friend Isaac came out with his album Bitter Syrup, and I love my close friend Roger Hallaway’s music. There are so many amazing artists I know in real life and genuinely, [I] love their work.”

To find Wallice’s inspiration come to fruition via music, photography, or film, you can find her on Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music