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SELF CARELESS: when you want to impress an astrology fan

Aug. 4, 2017
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It's the middle of 2017, which means we all have that one friend who is waaaaaay too into astrology. Like, they plan out their entire life according to the movements of the stars to the point where they won't even RSVP for brunch without checking which phase the moon is in. (Or maybe you're that friend, in which case: congratulations/shame on you.)

For those of you who are at a loss as to how to impress (or at least not embarrass yourself in front of) that friend, SELF CARELESS has a suggestion: know your sign, and mention it every five minutes, regardless of whether or not you think it's relevant. Surely you're bound to stumble sooner or later upon a profound astrological truth as to your sign/the inner workings of the universe/why we are the way we are. Or not. Who knows. Whatever.

SELF CARELESS is an Adolescent-exclusive comic series by the amazing Catherina Horan. Follow Stella the Gecko as they battle everyday self-care crises concerning anxiety, misogyny, and life as it is now. SELF CARELESS updates once every month.