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“Right in front of my salad” is a thing now, and it’s amazing

Aug. 3, 2017
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Let’s face it: whether you’re talking about Capitol Hill or cosmic shenanigans (are you sure Mercury isn’t in retrograde yet?), things have been pretty nuts lately. The world has gone so mad that some of us are having a hard time expressing our grief, outrage, or just plain incredulity—and though viral videos and gifs have often helped us give voice to our ineffable feelings, lately the meme well seems to have run dry. 

That is, until July 23, when the gay porn film Private Lessons Part 3 hit the internet.

In a pivotal scene, performers Jake Porter and Jaxton Wheeler play star-crossed lovers, of a sort: a man has hired a chef to make his wife a salad, only to discover that the chef is naked, and then, well, okay, looks like they’re having sex in the kitchen right in front of the customer’s wife. Instead of bursting into tears, joining in (isn’t that what you would do if you were a character in a porno?), or threatening divorce, she just sighs: “Really? Right in front of my salad?!”

Check out the cinematic masterwork behind the meme below. WARNING: this clip is extremely NSFW.

Since the release of the film, “right in front of my salad” has become the go-to meme for invoking shock, dismay, or frustration, and it’s easy to see why. “Right in front of my salad” has it all: disbelief, exasperation, even a touch of aggravated boredom. “Right in front of my salad” is what happens when you’re too jaded, disaffected, or beaten down by life to muster up the requisite outrage expected by outside observers—the best you can do is express loud irritation at the prospect of yet another ruined meal. And Twitter, never one to disappoint, has already come up with myriad creative uses for our new favorite expression/meme:

So cheers to and the intrepid performers of Private Lessons Part 3 for giving voice to our pettiest, most exasperated selves. And cheers to salad for its intrepid return to meme-dom