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Queen Elizabeth’s “official announcement” is actually a royal hoax

Aug. 10, 2017
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Today, Queen Elizabeth II officially announced that her grandson, Prince William, and his wife, Kate Middleton, are next in line for the royal throne. A photo of the two premiered on the cover of US tabloid Life & Style with the headline, “William and Kate Named King & Queen!” The article quotes an anonymous source, who goes on to say that the Queen is “already putting her successors through training for their new roles as king and queen.”    

Gossip Cop, a website that debunks fake celebrity new stories, reached out to a Kensington Palace spokesperson and were told that there was no such “official announcement,” nor has the line of succession changed. This refers to the Queen’s eldest child, Prince Charles, heir to the throne. Charles is sixty-eight himself and has been first in line for sixty-five years, so he’s undoubtedly eager for his turn at being king. Should he actually get a chance, he would be the oldest British monarch in history to accede to the throne.  

If the Queen were to bypass her own son and hand the crown down to William instead, it would not only be a low blow to Charles, but would shake up the famously rigid traditions of the British monarchy.

The dubious source tells Life & Style, “Elizabeth realizes the monarchy no longer has the respect and power it once had. In her eyes, William and Kate are the two people who can turn that around.” This is only partially true. Most people, Brits especially, have a great deal of respect for the Queen and the years of service she’s dedicated to the United Kingdom (except for those who craft false news stories about her, of course). It is factual, however, that William and Kate would turn things around. 

There is widespread anticipation that they seek to bring modern changes to the monarchy. 

As for now, Queen Elizabeth is still very much in charge. She may be ninety-one-years-old, but doesn’t plan to abdicate the throne anytime soon. And until we hear word from the Queen herself, it’s safe to assume that Charles is still next in line.