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Nearness Quarantine colors

Sep. 23, 2020
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Before the pandemic, the longest time I had spent at home over the past four years was a little over a month. During those weeks, I slept until noon and did absolutely nothing—as was customary for the rare moments when I was not working or in school. I had conditioned myself to view home as a space where I could turn my academic mind off completely. So, when my senior spring ended abruptly in March and left me trying to graduate from my childhood bedroom, I felt awkward and out of place. I struggled with the simultaneous warmth and discomfort of being at home, my stressed and disorganized mind trying to manage a virtual course-load, and the forgiveness I was trying to give to myself in difficult times. When I looked for a way to tie my experiences together visually I found myself naturally gravitating toward color pairings. The colors in my home and outdoors remained the most constant comfort during a time when it felt like my life was static while my beliefs about the world shifted constantly. These images are an attempt to show the unfiltered realities of my day-to-day life in quarantine—from the messiness of being holed up studying in my room to the peace found in orange eyeshadow and sun-basking.