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Nearness Playlist: something old, something new

Feb. 4, 2021
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Music has been a massive source of comfort to me in quarantine. Whether it be sounds of the past helping me escape to different eras, or new releases bringing something different and fresh into monotonous days, music has proven imperative in helping me find connection to the world and others. For this playlist I wanted to tie together a mix of old songs along with music released in the year 2020, in the hopes of showing how music can create connections spanning decades. The artists on this playlist all take inspiration from a wide range of genres, times, and regions. I've ordered the songs in a particular way, to show how music that's being released right now continues to find new ways to borrow from music of the past. As we move into a new year I hope this playlist helps you feel ready and optimistic for the future. If musicians can create something new and beautiful after learning from the past, I think any one of us can.

Artwork by Maggie Jablonski