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Paint my period pretty

Dec. 15, 2017
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At the beginning of Stephen King’s Carrie, the main protagonist endures a brutal scene in the girl’s locker room at her high school. Blood runs down her leg as she looks up for help from her peers, not understanding that the blood was a result of her menstrual cycle, a totally normal occurrence for every adolescent girl. It’s a scene I think a lot of teens can weirdly relate to, even those who expected their period and welcomed it. 

My period was something I tried to stave off as long as possible. It symbolized womanhood, and I was not ready to be a woman just yet. Not only that, but once I got mine at 16, it became something I struggled with monthly—and because of that, it became ugly. We can create colorful wrappers for our feminine products, and we can house them in cute packaging, but there is never a way to make the actual physical process seem pretty.

The idea behind this photo series is that I wanted to create a world where my period seemed approachable and even beautiful—something I would be excited to see every 28 days. I’m hoping that these images can replace some of our own Carrie moments by showing menstrual items in a positive light.