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Online Stores That Let You Try Before You Buy

Aug. 28, 2016
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For the loud crowds and fluorescent lights adverse, online shopping has been a godsend. There’s more variety--pieces the thousands who visit the mall every weekend don’t necessarily see--and the luxury of convenience. However, there is the hassle and bitter disappointment of processing a return when the item you ordered just isn’t quite how it looked on the site. But no fear, here are the top 5 sites that are making that a problem of the past:

1. Try (US only) is a free service in which you choose items from their many product pages, decide what gets a place in your closet, and return all the items that don’t within 7 days. The site has partnered with a wide range of companies, including brand names you know and love. While certain brand name products will require a deposit, it could be worth saving a trip to Rodeo Drive, especially since the deposit is refunded if you decide to pass. The service, membership and shipping both ways is FREE. You can try up to 5 items per delivery, and that number goes up or down depending on your activity. The only downside is that this service doesn’t apply to items that are on final sale or non refundable, as they can’t be returned. But, if you’ve been mulling over that gorgeous ANYTHING, their service is the best way to get off the fence. And the cherry on top - they have a Chrome extension that will handily pop out “Try for Free” on any sites you’re visiting that qualify, some you may not have even thought to try.

2. Warby and Parker

Trying on glasses can be a pain, because no matter what boutique you go to, there’s a limited amount of styles for you to try. Warby and Parker makes your home the boutique by sending up to 5 styles to your home – for free. You will need to return all the frames at the end of 5 days, but the box has a prepaid label to make that a smooth process. You’re also guaranteed fresh frames by going back online and purchasing the ones you like. With all the things that keep the average millennial busy, being able to skip out on optometrist appointment and instead test drive some frames while watching Netflix is pretty great. 

3. Stitch Fix

Adding some personalization to the try at home service, Stitch Fix acts as a personal stylist, and sends you 5 personalized options of apparel, shoes and accessories as regularly as you request them (putting them above the standard once-a-month subscription box model). They build on your feedback so each box becomes increasingly tailored to your tastes. Stitch Fix has original styles, but is also partnered with big brand names, so you won’t find any huge mark ups. There is a $20 styling fee, but this can be used toward your final order. And if you end up loving all 5 items they send you, you receive 25% off of the month’s purchase!

4. Jack Threads

One for the men’s department, Jack Threads gets extra points for recognizing that men (or everyone else who likes a chic and clean cut look) like to skip out on the changing room too. You can have clothing, shoes and accessories shipped to you, and can return anything you don’t want to keep within 7 days, with free shipping both ways! And you’re guaranteed the lower price if there is a price drop during your Try Period. Best of all, they have a legitimately great selection, chic and sleek. 

5. RocksBox

A little different but just as nice as the others on this list, RocksBox is a monthly subscription service in which you “rent” three designer accessory pieces for $19 (each box has an average value of $200, so it’s a bargain). You can keep and wear the pieces for as long as you want, and you receive a new set once you turn your old one in - both ways include free shipping. Recently they added the “Shine Insider” feature that credits members $10 toward purchases. The items in your box are personalized based on a comprehensive Style Profile as well as a Wish List – so the more feedback you give the more bang for your buck you’ll get!

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