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Musician Spotlight: Mallrat

May. 14, 2018
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Since Adolescent director Ambar Navarro came back from SXSW buzzing about Grace Shaw (more commonly known as Mallrat) we haven’t been able to stop crushing!

Since the release of their 2016 EP, Uninvited, the 19-year-old bubble (w)rap singer has already harnessed millions and millions of listens on her songs and it’s hard to believe that Mallrat has only been making music for a couple of years. It’s perfect dance music for introverts who just want to have a good time and also rethink their existence at the same time. 

We had the pleasure of attending Mallrat’s show at The Lodge Room in Los Angeles and when we came in, the venue was already filled with people of all walks of life all eager for Mallrat to come on stage.

DJ Denim got the show going, bouncing around in a sick pair of overalls and shortly after Mallrat followed in a giant Office Depot NASCAR jacket. 

As Tokyo Drift started, the crowd went absolutely wild, fans yelling her lyrics back at her. She went on to sing For Real (where the light wands in the crowd came out), Rush Hour (a song about public transport), Suicide Blonde (the first song she ever put out), UFO (where rapper Allday made an appearance), Inside Voices (a song about hating Westfield mall), and ended strong with track Uninvited, (a song about not wanting to be at a party, where the crowd sang the lyrics “take me off the list” repeatedly as loud as they possibly could). 

After the show, excited fans lined up to talk to and take pictures with Grace, who hands down may be the sweetest person in the world. 

Check out Mallrat for danceable tunes with lyrics that will make you feel less alone anywhere you listen to your music!

photos by Ambar Navarro @ambarbecutie
hair & makeup by Leticia Llesmin @leticiallesmin
write up by Richelle Chen @yard__sard