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Beauty Look to try: the best beauty podcasts

Oct. 15, 2021
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When you’re a true beauty lover, there’s no time of day that you don’t want to be thinking about the stuff. And luckily, thanks to the technological world we’re living in, you basically can! One great way to consume beauty on the go? The world of podcasts. And boy, are there some brilliant ones out there.

Allure: The Science of Beauty

Allure is already one of the best places to go to get your beauty fix, with all the latest news on product launches, catwalk trends, and celebrity makeup. But the podcast goes a little deeper, with each episode serving as a full investigation into a specific beauty issue. Do you really need to be doing masks? Can you ever really clear out your pores? The Science of Beauty will tell you all of it—and more.

Glowing Up With Esther and Caroline

On the slightly less informative end of the spectrum is cult classic Glowing Up. Rather than teaching you the science behind skincare ingredients or the history of makeup trends, this show is more like hanging out with two of your most beauty-obsessed friends. Caroline and Esther are both hilarious, obsessed with all things beauty, and candid about their misadventures. If you’re just as comfortable talking about vitamin C serums as you are vaginal discharge and nipple crust, this is the podcast for you.

Fat Mascara

For me, Fat Mascara is the perfect middle ground between Glowing Up and The Science of Beauty. Hosted by Jessica Matlin, beauty and health director at Teen Vogue, and Jennifer Goldstein, Marie Claire's executive beauty and health editor, it’s both personal and informative. It also boasts some of the best interviews with the biggest names in the beauty sphere, including Charlotte Tilbury and Bobbi Brown.


Hosted by the hilarious Kate Berlant and Jacqueline Novak, Poog focuses on the wellness side of beauty. Episodes revolve around everything from meditation, to dieting, to supplements, to snake oils. In a world that seems filled with scams and dubious science, it’s a relief to have these two brave ladies doing the research so you don’t have to.

Eyewitness Beauty

Come for the network-news-esque theme tune, stay for the truly insightful look into the inner workings of the beauty industry. Annie Kreighbaum and Nick Axelrod-Welk run through the biggest news stories from the beauty world each week, and you’d be amazed how many of them there are. They also interview some extremely cool guests (Instagram legend Katie Jane Hughes is a favorite) and shout out their products of the week. 

Beauty From The Heart

Started by Rose Gallagher, makeup artist and It Cosmetics brand ambassador, this podcast’s guests are beauty-focused, but the conversations aren’t quite so narrow. It’s more of a podcast about people, but through the lens of beauty. Very sweet and comforting stuff.

Natch Beaut

Offering proof that you don’t need to take beauty too seriously, Jackie Johnson absolutely knocks it out of the park with this exceptionally long-running show. She covers most of the usual topics, from new product discoveries to fabulous interviews, but the real joy of the show comes from Johnson’s magnetic personality. Listen once and you’ll understand. 

The Emma Guns Show

For those who enjoy a British accent, look no further. Emma Gunavardhana has a real beauty pedigree, with bylines in most of your favorite magazines. She interviews those big on the British beauty scene, from editors to YouTubers, and tends to talk all things lifestyle rather than just focusing on beauty. For a well-rounded look at how to self-improve across the board, The Emma Guns Show absolutely delivers.

The Beauty Brains

For those who are tired of the nonsense, this is a beauty podcast that cuts through the noise and gets right to the point. On the show, real cosmetic chemists answer the most pernicious beauty questions, busting all manner of myths along the way. If you want to know if you really can overwash your hair or if lavender is good or bad for your skin (along with literally thousands of other questions), then this is the podcast for you. Become a true beauty nerd—it’s more fun than you might think!

Smell Ya Later

There are a lot of podcasts about makeup and skincare out there, but by my (extensive) research, this may be the only one exclusive about scent. Whether you’re a perfume nerd, simply want to learn the fragrance basics, or just want a laugh, this podcast is wonderful. The recent episode about celebrity scents is a must-listen.

The Baron of Botox

For something a little different, The Baron of Botox is more of a historical, autobiographical look at one of the most influential men in the beauty industry, Dr. Frederic Brandt (you may have heard of him from his eponymous skincare brand). From his meteoric rise to his tragic death, this podcast covers Brandt’s incredible and fascinating life—while, of course, reflecting on the beauty industry along the way.


If you ever find that consuming beauty content can be a little disheartening, Wobble is most definitely for you. It’s about self-improvement, sure, but it has an intense focus on self-love—which is, after all, the first step to feeling beautiful. Think of it as an auditory hug from a best friend who always tells you you look pretty.

Beauty Island

A more sentimental look at different beauty products, Beauty Island takes a 

look at the memories attached to our beauty routines—because we all know that there’s more to beauty products than simple efficacy, right? Every week a new (and very cool) guest explores their favorite products and what they  really mean to them. It’s truly the best of both worlds— unusual product recommendations plus insight into the lives of some truly interesting people.