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Lithium Letters to no one

Dec. 20, 2018
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eyes wide closed,

mind of a million fantasies.

how can i miss something i've never had?

answer: you.

[dramatizes everything]

careful now,

you're breaking my heart.

i'm cooler than you'll ever be.

but why do i feel so empty

when i look at you,

looking at them?

did you know?

i've only ever cried when i felt rage.

never sadness or pity or broken hearts

but the feeling that comes after.

With Letters to No One, I really wanted to touch on some parts of me that I keep secret, locked in my notes, written by me. It’s not that I don’t like these parts of me, but I thought that I could spin them into something more beautiful and artistic. In these “letters” I show internal feelings about a diverse multitude of emotions including love, rage, and confusion. The raw, honest lines I implemented in my photographs are taken from these letters, showing the truths that I often hide. These words are truly meant for no one in particular, but instead my own self at times, as well as a group of people that have weaved in and out of my life: ones who have influenced my art, inspiring or harmful, lovely or unrequited. 

Using candles and a film over my lens, I created an atmosphere that is meant for only one person, sacred and in private. I directed the model to dance, creating a natural, personalized stature. I also wanted to bring in the concept of self-reflection and its importance. Even if it’s just writing a couple lines in a journal (or, like me, typing notes in my phone), expressing one’s thoughts truly sets the mind at ease. By creating Letters to No One, I hope that someone viewing it can relate and begin their own routine of self-reflection and understanding.

Modeled by Geneva F