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La Belle île

Oct. 19, 2017
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One time, when I was in my middle school art class, I remember our teacher asked us to take a series of personal photographs and design something around it. I chose photographs of a place I visited on a Spanish trip and decided to lean into the way the architecture made me feel. When I did that, the results felt like real magic had taken place. Now, when I look at all my holiday photos, I naturally think: “What kind of magic can happen here?” 

La Belle île started with a photo I really wanted to shoot of my friend Tabata during our holidays in Belle île, a beautiful island in the French province of Brittany. I’m not a natural stylist, so I wanted to show her simply wearing flowers in front of the ocean. So we picked some flowers and went to the beach. 

The results speak for themselves, I think. That’s the way I like it, usually: I’m not really searching for a story to tell every single time I take photos. I think art is a way for me to express what’s going on in my imagination. Usually, the pictures speak for themselves, like they do here.