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Aug. 8, 2018
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Hiatus. As much as I love photography as a hobby, it is also my job. Sometimes in working, we don’t always do everything we love; in order to do what you love in exactly the way you want to, you have to create your own projects. That’s what happens to me, and that’s what keeps me loving photography. But sometimes I find myself stuck in a limbo—the hiatus limbo. When I have a booked week, I can’t stop thinking about my autoral projects and when I’ll have the time to do them. What happens is that when I actually have the time, I feel stuck. It feels like I can’t move or create, and it gets me anxious because I want to but I can’t. One day, I decided to just create. Talking to a friend about it, she said she also felt like this, and we set up a free week to create. We decided to portray our limbo.

Hiatus is as simple as it looks: a blanket inside my house in winter sunlight. The model, my friend that related to the situation, acts anxious but doesn’t move too much, almost in a stoic state of being. The glass of water is just that simple task you can’t do. My friend can’t move from her blanket—she feels stuck. She’s close to the water, but she can’t catch it. That was my way of overcoming my hiatus and doing something, and that felt really good.