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Photo Haus of Arosa

Sep. 23, 2019
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Conceptualizing my proposal for Adolescent Content was almost spontaneous. Within the past year I’ve been developing many different personas, and the moment I saw the theme was vibrancy, I knew it was the perfect way to share the world I’ve been creating. I wanted to not only visually communicate what my version of camp was, but also challenge societal norms while honoring some of my influences. My vision began simply by selecting a few notable figures in my life who I knew didn’t naturally fit the desired look. Some of my models had never worn drag makeup or been styled the way they were in these photos before. This challenge was presented the day of the shoot, and while the models enjoyed their appearance, some questioned how attractive they looked or felt uncomfortable at one point. It took pride and courage to look different amidst strangers in Central Park. 

The cast and crew were able to come out of this editorial strong, though. Haus of Arosa is one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever taken on, and working on this editorial completely altered the way I empathize with people and understand the relationships I have from start to finish. I shot with the intention of creating thought-provoking work, with hopes of influencing viewers to take control and alter their own reality.

You can see more of Alexis’s work here.

Photographer: Alexis Rosario @arosanyc

BTS Photographer:  Yonaira Ferreiro @Yonaira_ferreiro

Production:  Jorge Badillo

Production Assistant: Steven Milnes @Kiwiniphotos

Stylist: Rose Duran @rosedurr

Makeup Artist(s): Haley Sklans @halebot3000, Krista Lamerrill @laventhyst

Models: Tommy @tommy.playboy, Alexandria @Kittygal, Nolita @djnolita, Ariel @arielgongon, Amber @redambience (In order of appearance)