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Girl power: hairy women

Jan. 20, 2018
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Girl power: hairy women

A year out from the historic, record-smashing Women's March, so much has changed—for better and for worse. Here's one change that's definitely been positive, however: from the box office to the ballot, women everywhere are embracing their inner girl power and showing the world their most authentic selves. American women are finally demanding that culture make room for them as they are, instead of struggling to conform to what society expect them to be.

In the spirit of this new brand of girl power, Ericka Clevenger filmed interviews with several women talking about their relationship to body hair. Of course, feminism is all about doing you—if you prefer hairless legs and clean-shaven pits, don't let anyone stop you! But it can be empowering to question the motivations behind the choices we make by default—to decide for ourselves whether those are really the choices we believe in.

Want to indulge in a little extra girl power this weekend? Check out the video!