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Growing Up a Muslim Girl in Generation Z

Mar. 20, 2017
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Growing Up a Muslim Girl in Generation Z

With everything going on in America today following the election of 45, we need to be doing whatever we can to educate those at risk of giving in to the fearmongering and false information being spread by the alt-right. In Growing Up a Muslim Girl in Generation Z, we meet Salma, 17, and Summer, 14. Although both American, they are constantly faced with ignorance, hatred, and racism from their classmates and others solely due to their religious beliefs and heritage. People make offensive comments to them, claiming they aren’t really American or aren’t “American enough.”

And with 45 in office, many who support him now feel they’re allowed to tell Muslim Americans, as well as many other ethnicities, to leave the country. 

“I was born here. I don’t know how much more American I’m supposed to get,” Summer says. “I don’t understand why people are using the presidency as an excuse to say ‘You don’t belong here.’”

At 14, Summer understands something about the American spirit that many on the right cannot fully comprehend: we have freedom of religion in this country. In fact, freedom of religion is one of the most incredible things about the U.S.; one can practice -- or not practice -- any religion they want here. And they are supposed to be able to do so without being told otherwise. 

Check out their stories in the video above.