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Globelamp: on music and sexism in the music industry

Oct. 17, 2017
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Globelamp: on music and sexism in the music industry

In 2013, Elizabeth le Fey broke away from the band Foxygen. Elizabeth turned to her solo music, Globelamp, and decided to share her story.

Now performing as a solo artist, le Fey faced the full brunt of the industry's sexist and classist biases. But in the face of her frustrations, le Fey always found strength in her love of music.

When we interviewed le Fey, she talked about what it’s like being a woman in the music industry, how she got where she is now, and how she's remained able to combat sexism within the industry. Check out the video!

Upcoming Globelamp Shows:
November 5 - Santa Cruz - Subrosa community space
November 9 - Eugene Oregon -  Black Forest

directed by Richelle Chen
produced by Luka Fisher and Alli Menscher
filmed by Abbey Sacks, Lauren Tepfer, Charlotte Medina, and Nathan Krauss
edited by Richelle Chen and Abbey Sacks
music by Globelamp
music video footage by Elva Lexa
special thanks to Art Tarvana