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Fangirl Mail: Jeanette Hayes on pop culture and painting

Jul. 18, 2018
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When I was selecting who I would interview back in '14, I really wanted to involve all aspects of being a modern artist, and not just digital. Jeanette was perfect, because she's a painter who happens to create work about the internet and pop culture. She's also super current, and her paintings depict the trends and technology that were prevalent at the time. That's another thing I like about premiering these years later from when I started them: the technology is captured in her paintings from the time I conducted the internet. Her film was also a challenge in playing with sound, because the interviews with her and Hazel were both done through Skype. I wanted to make the visuals and audio more distracting, since when I Skype with people I tend to get more distracted having access to click around online. My goal is to have a female analog composer for all these videos; for this one I had musician Nite Jewel aka Ramona Gonzalez who made all my synth dreams come true.