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Apr. 2, 2018
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For this particular shoot, I started off with my favorite color, blue. The color blue portrays coldness, uncertainty, and refreshing vibes. I translated this to accepting loneliness while also being content with what life has to bring. As a young woman, I’m in the process of defining myself and my passion in life. Being comfortable in my own skin and having confidence in myself, I wanted to challenge myself and create a photograph that brings out my obsession for colors. In the process, I found the perfect muse for this particular art that I knew for sure could bring out that emotion through photography, and that was Verde-Floret (Auburn).

Auburn’s nonchalant looks and modeling skills were another inspiration for this shoot, as she’s sitting comfortable in her own skin and blossoming into the woman she is becoming. She is wearing her confidence like a brand new outfit. 

I also decided to add a pop of yellow to signify the positivity that has entered her life. The balloons magnify the happiness that she has found in love and acceptance. On the other hand, this happiness is also representative of the passion I have for photography, and this feeling is described as “the wave of the ocean” by Verdet. It's a refreshing feeling to have something that you love doing and know that no one could possibly take that away from you.