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Crybaby Carnaval no Inferno

Oct. 26, 2018
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My name is Eduardo Barrosa. I am a queer Latino/sudaca.

‘Carnaval no Inferno’ (Carnival in Hell, in English) is a street-carnival-party that my friends and I arrange here in Fortaleza, a city in Northeastern Brazil. The name comes from the oppressive advance of the religious and orthodox conservative community in Brazil that insists on calling us “demons” and attacks us every single day. It is created by and for Queer people—it's made for us to feel great and celebrate nuestros cuerpos in the middle of the streets.

I think Carnaval no Inferno screams “resistance” for many reasons. The party is completely independent—we do it ourselves, by crowdfunding, and without the support of City Hall or any other institution. In every single edition of Carnaval no Inferno, it feels like we’re (re)creating a brand new world where we can finally be free from oppression and experiment ourselves aesthetically the way we want.

So through Carnaval no Inferno, we’re reclaiming all the terms and words that are used against us to empower us. It is like—Yes! We are witches, brujas, demons, queers, dykes, jotas, and this city is ours, too! So it is definitely a form of protest!

All the photos were taken by me with a 120mm camera.