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Music Bryan Hugo Iglesias and Jacob Sigman debut their song "Live Today"

Jan. 14, 2021
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Detroit songwriters Bryan Hugo Iglesias and Jacob Sigman have teamed up to bring listeners  the cathartic pop-rock ballad “Live Today.” In their words, “Live Today” is an anthemic challenge to make the most of the moment. Written and recorded in Iglesias’ childhood home, the song is a reflection of mortality, frustration, loss, and, above all, change.

If the feel-good genre was condensed into three minutes and eight seconds, it would certainly sound like “Live Today.” It’s a break from the heavy, existential dread of quarantine life—a reminder to persist through hardship by trying your best to appreciate life around you.

“What can we do in the face of inevitable loss?” asks Sigman. 

“My life is continuing to move because time isn’t just stopping—the whole world is shut down. And we can’t do anything,” Iglesias reflects.

It’s a track that addresses uncertain times, its bright chorus musing, “Things will always change / so feel the sun / share your love and live today”—the exact message many of us need to carry into this new year. 

“It’s about appreciating the moment you’re in,” explains Sigman. When put that simply, it’s no wonder why “Live Today” feels like a reassuring text from an old friend.

You can stream "Live Today" on Spotify and Apple Music.