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Tiny tales: Bloody Mary

Oct. 20, 2017
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Is it just us, or have ghosts kind of gotten a bad rap in recent years? It's always like, "Ooooooh, scary! Don't let them get you!" Nobody ever talks about how the ghosts must be feeling about having their personal space overrun by stinky, smelly, still-alive humans. Plus, most of the ghosts we love to gossip about are usually female. (Hear that? We can't get a fair shake in life even after death!) So we're all about Britt Scott's reimagining of the infamous Bloody Mary myth. Sometimes a ghost just wants to sip on clamato juice while she complements other women, y'know?

Britt Scott is a Southern California-based illustrator and storyteller who spends too little time in reality and far too much time in her daydreams.  She has a background in costume design, prop styling, and set design, yet the only things that has ever filled her heart with joy are illustration and storytelling.  She learned how to do both of those things more properly at Savannah College of Art and Design, where she studied Visual Communication. She posts Tiny Tales, her illustrated series of modern fables, every Tuesday on her Instagram. She is currently writing and illustrating a picturebook.