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Behind Wooden Doors [short film]: a grandfather and his garage

May. 1, 2020
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Behind Wooden Doors [short film]: a grandfather and his garage

Adolescent Content: Hi Joscha, we absolutely love this piece. It’s touching and real. What inspired you to make this film?

Joscha: Thanks so much! I am so happy that you like the movie. 

First of all, my grandfather himself is probably the biggest inspiration for this very personal film. Capturing him just as I know and love him for all the years was an idea that I really liked. I had the desire to create a piece that tells a real story and is meaningful in a relatable and emotional way which was a big challenge for me because it was the first documentary-styled film I created so far. 

Adolescent: What was your favorite part about making this?

Joscha: My favorite part about the process was of course the very spontaneous shoot in the garage. It was such a fun time because it remembered me of all the times we spent together in his workshop when I was younger. The other thing I really liked was the extension of my normal colorgrading-workflow through Davinci Resolve. Going the extra mile and grading every single shot extensively was a challenge that payed of quite good I think. 

Adolescent: What is the story behind your grandfather? What is your relationship with your grandfather like?

Joscha: My grandfather is one of the most important people in my life and we have always been really close. Whether I needed help, advice of any kind or just a lift to an event, he has always been there for me. With his knowledge, attitude and perspectives on life he taught me a lot and constantly inspires me to keep doing what I think is right. 

While this film is obviously dedicated to him, it is a way for me to give back some of the positive energy and appreciation he deserves for everything he did for me. 

Adolescent: What do you think about your grandfather’s garage?

Joscha Nivergall: When I was a child, me and my brother loved to be around the garage and workshop because there were so many things we could find. It still feels very conversant to enter the garage and as we saw in the film there are still things to discover.

Adolescent: What do you want the audience to take away from the film?

Joscha: I think a very important message that the film implicitly conveys is that we all have stories to tell, experiences to share and forgotten things to recover. It is crucial that we exchange the stories and listen to each other to prevent them from being forgotten. 

Adolescent: What advice do you have for other young filmmakers?

Joscha: This film was shot very very spontaneously. I was visiting my family for a couple of days and when I had the idea for the film there was only one day left for me to stay. I didn‘t have fancy equipment with me, just my camera (Sony A6500) and a microphone. 

I am not saying that you shouldn’t prepare your projects properly or shouldn’t try to get the best equipment as possible. Once again, the message is that „the best camera is the one that tells the story“. 

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the doubts or concerns you might have about stories or projects - the experience of making the best out of the resources and ideas you have is always worth trying.