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Attire: Rebecca

Nov. 28, 2017
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Attire: Rebecca

Your wardrobe can say a lot about you if you want it to, and what you want to say via your attire can change as often as the tides flow if you wish. Some may express their sexuality and some may wish to hide it, and some may wish to dress vibrantly while others may want to adorn themselves all in black. Whatever the case, your taste in wardrobe is personal, and no one can or should ever tell you otherwise.  

In the latest installment of Genevieve Nollinger's Attire series, we meet Rebecca, a textile designer's daughter and a queer girly-girl who embraces all the physical trappings of femininity while resoundingly rejecting the societal expectations that tend to come with it. "I think that femininity symbolizes resilience and beauty and the beauty of resilience, and so when I want to feel really strong I dress aggressively feminine," she says as she shows off the most eclectic pieces in her closet: sparkly sweaters, funky hair clips, a vintage Betsey Johnson dress worn by Fairuza Balk to the premiere of Almost Famous.

Check out Rebecca's style in the video above, and tell us how you attire yourself in the comments!