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Astro advice: compatibility, not relating to your sign, and more

Jul. 10, 2018
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In our Astro Advice column, our resident astrologer answers readers’ questions about astrology! From compatibility to philosophy to technical explanations, we cover it all. Submit your questions for a chance to be featured in the next round! 

Could a Cancer (girl) and a Scorpio (boy) make a relationship work? Is it a good match at all?

Absolutely! As you may know by now, the internet’s favorite couple is a Cancer/Scorpio combo! Yes, I’m obviously talking about Ariana Grande (Cancer) and Pete Davidson (Scorpio). In my opinion, Scorpio and Cancer work well together because they are both water signs with a deep need for intimate connection. Scorpios thrive when they have a muse, and Cancers thrive when they have a stable partnership with someone with whom they’re very comfortable. While you may get in your feels often and deal with moody ups and downs, you definitely have a great chance together. Also, with compatibility, always check your Venus and moon signs as well! They can tell you a lot more about your tendencies in love than sun signs. 

What’s your advice on arguing with an Aquarius? I’m a Cancer/Leo cusp and my emotions get in the way a lot. However, he (a Pisces moon) is detached and aloof and we can’t find common ground sometimes.

Ah, arguing with an Aquarius can be difficult. An Aquarius sun/Pisces moon man is very empathetic. He generally sees many sides to any situation and can find it difficult to commit to a specific point of view in an argument. His heart tells him to do what is right, not just for him, but for everyone. If you can get past your need for a clear winner/loser in an argument, you will find it easier to compromise and work through conflicts with an Aqua/Pisces. You are trying to fight your fire with their air, and there is no way for those two things to reconcile—the air will just fuel your flame even more. Instead, connect with your water signs and work through things from a more emotional and empathetic place!

When I read my horoscope, I don’t relate to my sun sign and identify more with my moon and rising. Is that normal?

While there is no “normal” for astrology, I think that many people experience this! Your moon sign is more about what is in your heart and soul. It makes sense that that would resonate with you more. Sun signs give us a general personality overview, but they also tell us about the type of person we have the potential to become. It’s possible that you just haven’t grown into your sun sign yet! You might feel like you have stepped more into that role in a few years or even decades. 

I’m a Cancer sun with a Capricorn moon. How do I control my Capricorn moon? Sometimes I feel like I’m really cold and closed off. 

Don’t control it, embrace it! These signs can actually work together quite well—I know many Cancer/Capricorn friend duos. Cancer comes from a watery, empathetic place, and Capricorn comes from an earthy, organized, and responsible place. Think of your Capricorn moon as a little corral for your Cancer sun. Water signs like to be contained—by people, places, ideas, and projects. You have a little built-in container for yourself that allows you to not become overwhelmed by your emotions. If you feel like you are getting the urge to overflow and escape, think about how you can widen your Capricorn walls. Capricorns love to be responsible for others and to teach and help them grow. Find an outlet for that need! Tutor, teach, mentor, babysit, or find a scenario in which you can be a parent or teacher figure for someone. This will allow you to exercise that need to control others, but in a way that requires you to be empathetic at the same time. 

Do you have tips to help a Libra Mars stop being so passive aggressive?

Well the first step is awareness, so I think that it’s great that you have identified this issue for yourself! The passive aggression you’re seeing, I think, is a result of that Libra desire to be liked. Libras don’t like to cause unrest in their environments, so oftentimes they are afraid to fully express anger and frustration. What you can do is give yourself another outlet that you can use to express this, without that fear of causing drama in your day-to-day life. Journaling, writing poems, screaming into a pillow, writing a letter and burning it—these are all ways that you can allow those feelings to escape without fear of judgement. Of course, you can also try to understand that everyone feels these things and that it is possible to express these emotions in a way that will not upset or hurt others. 

What’s the difference between your placements in Mars and Venus?

Your Mars placement looks more at your expression of aggression, assertion, and anger. It can also reflect your confidence and leadership style. Venus deals with love, beauty, aesthetics, romance, sensuality, and the ways that you express those needs and desires. In Greek mythology, Mars is the god of war, while Venus is the goddess of love. That can be a handy way to remember the difference. 

Do you think your placements in your birth chart define your actions? How much do you personally believe astrology plays into how people act and are?

Great question! I don’t think that astrology predetermines our actions. My personal belief is that astrology is a tool we can use to better understand ourselves and each other. I think that it tells us about how people think and relate to the world around them. The way we interact with the world is our choice, but our charts can tell us the ways that we can best use our power and talents. I often find that whenever I revisit my chart, I feel more aligned with the world around me, and things start flowing my way more freely.