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Artist's corner with Kristen Liu-Wong

May. 24, 2017
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Artist's corner with Kristen Liu-Wong

Ever wanted to know what makes the hottest new grossout-chic illustrator or pseudo-surrealist painter tick? Good news: Matthew Kaundart's new video series Amadeus in the Studio gets up close in personal with artistic contributors to Amadeus Magazine. From fashion illustrators with a fondness for Kate Bush to lewd cartoonists whose work straddles the candy-colored line between sensuality and repulsion, Matthew has you covered--and the end of each video, you're sure to have a new favorite artist.

In our latest installment, you'll meet Kristen Liu-Wong, an artist whose preoccupation with subjects like "fetuses in jars" and "harakiri" steers the subject matter of her work. Drawing from Egyptian art and modern cartoons, Kristen's artworks deploy "template people" to illustrate a variety of situations that meld the banal with the transgressive. While she enjoys painting both the male and the female form, her predilection for portraying nudity pushes her more toward depictions of women: "One erect dick and you're flagged!"

Check out the video above to learn more about Kristen's work and artistic process.