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Artist's corner with Bijou Karman

May. 17, 2017
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Artist's corner with Bijou Karman

Bijou Karman always knew she was destined for an artistic career: "In high school I did as little math and science as possible and took all art classes as much as I could." Luckily for her, that gamble paid off--and now she's telling our own Matthew Kaundart all about it for the first installment of his new artist-focused video series, Amadeus in the Studio.

Bijou's art is very fashion-focused, pulling much of her inspiration from the fashion magazines she's been reading since she was a kid. Her notebooks are chock full of fashion drawings, magazine-page collages, and intricate illustrations of public figures like whimsical singer-songwriter Kate Bush. Her closet, in turn, looks like something from out of a picture book: we're talking bold colors and big, graphic patterns that would make a cartoon character squeal with joy.

Thus far in her still-nascent career--she's 24 years old!--Bijou has kept plenty busy: she regularly puts out zines designed around subjects that fill her with joy (the topic of her latest zine: "girls and plants") and recently teamed up with Rihanna to help promote the pop star's new collaboration with Stance Socks. It's fine, we're not jealous.

Check out the video to learn more about Bijou!