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Artist interview series: Kendra Yee

May. 12, 2017
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Artist interview series: Kendra Yee

In the latest installment of Laurence Philomène's artist interview series, Laurence spotlights Kendra Yee, an illustrator who recently graduated from OCADU. As Kendra takes the camera on a tour of her room, her belongings, and her many grotesque-whimsical creations, she describes her biggest influences: her childhood imaginary friends, of which she considers the recurring characters in her work to be direct descendants; a longtime fascination with dualities which largely stems from Kendra's own experience as a biracial woman; and her love for the city of Toronto.

As a young artist, Kendra explains, she relishes the opportunity to connect with young people and teenagers through the internet and via other means. The give and take that emerges whenever someone makes a connection with her art is clearly one of Kendra's favorite parts of being an artist: she loves when people find hidden meanings in her work, especially when they incorporate elements or ideas she would never have thought of on her own.

Her number-one advice to young artists? "Embrace your nerdiness!" After all, says Kendra, that's what sets you apart and makes your voice truly unique. We couldn't agree more!