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Artist interview series: Ione Gamble

Jun. 19, 2017
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Artist interview series: Ione Gamble

In the latest installment of my artist interview series, we meet Ione Gamble, the founding editor of the intersectional feminist and queer publication, Polyester Magazine. Ione felt there was a dire need for queer artists to not only be able to showcase their work, but to have their work legitimized in print. 

Polyester serves as both an inspirational and motivational publication. Ione explains that by seeing others out there doing what they love, it helps her do what she loves, as well. In short, the opportunity is out there and there's no excuse not to try. Representation for marginalized groups is extremely important in today's political climate, and through her publication, Ione is able to bring all kinds of people together in safe space. 

Watch Ione's interview and fall in love with Polyester Magazine like I and so many others have.