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May. 1, 2018
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The words “social interaction” bring mixed feelings to me. At times, with the right people, I am thrilled, jumping, giddy, and excited. Being with my best friends, meeting fascinating new characters or at a creative gathering of some sort, I am glowing. However, there is an equal amount of fear, hesitation, and uncomfort lying beneath. I recoil from many people and the horrible, awkward small-talk associated with acquaintances not yet friends. It's difficult when you're surrounded by extroverts bursting with energy, urging you to join them in fast-paced conversations and mundane activities. During these moments, there is nothing more physically and emotionally draining than being with people with whom you do not wish to interact. 

In both the colorful and monochrome images, the extrovert grasps at an unknown entity of exploration, adventure, and new experiences. Behind, the introvert pulls back, begging to stay at home, relieved joy found in quiet contemplation and cancelled plans. I used red to represent the bold presence of an extrovert and blue to illustrate the sensations of introversion. Ambiversion is hinted at with the physical interactions between the two, as well as the clashes between the two colours in some images. Other emotions left for the viewer to interpret are portrayed between the two personalities, which show what usually goes on in an ambivert mind.
These photographs describe both the separation between introversion and extroversion, as well as the murky confusion of ambiversion; ambiversion is a blur of craving the company of others and loving the feeling of alone. In between this divide, the ambivert blends together the beauty of both personalities; though it is difficult for the introvert and extrovert to completely understand your social behaviours, being an ambivert is wondrous.

Modelled by Jada Berglund and Chloe Bray