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10 Copenhagen street style looks making me rethink my whole wardrobe

Sep. 3, 2018
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Every time Fashion Week comes along, the number one thing I look forward to is the street style. The streets fill with fashion enthusiasts wearing their best head-to-toe looks showcasing their personalities. All fashion rules are pushed aside, and the fashion inspo spreads like a wildfire. Copenhagen Fashion Week SS19 reminded me that there’s no such thing as being overly dressed and that, well, anything goes. So if you feel like you’re in a rut when getting dressed every morning, here are ten looks to get those creative juices flowing and make your hometown your own personal runway!

1. Whatever you do, keep your gym shorts!

Your school gym shorts are probably not the cutest to wear out in public. But as with most trends, “ugly’ is the new cute. This look reminds us that anything is possible to style if you can get creative. Also, it’s a great excuse to look cute while sitting in the bleachers.

2. Utility anything will always be cool.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this look was “Umm, this is what I would wear if I were into gardening!” As unrealistic as that sounds, this is how my mind works. Something about a utilitarian look automatically makes you look cool and put together, and if it’s a two-piece, even better!

3. Sneakers and a dress will forever make you stand out.

I LOVE wearing dresses with sneakers! It makes me feel like I’m defying all fashion rules while being super comfortable. This cotton candy dream of a look makes me want to wear color and pair every dress I own with a longline blazer and chunky sneakers. I introduce to you the “business woman who needs to hang out with her friends after work” look.

4. Grandma is the new it girl.

Some of my favorite pieces are those that look like something your grandma would wear. Sometimes I think if I were to walk into a grandma’s closet, all my fashion dreams would come true. This flowy colorblock dress paired with socks and sandals reminds me to never worry about dressing my age because who cares, as long as you’re having fun with what you’re wearing?

5. The ‘70s are calling!

A good throwback piece is always a yes in my book. I love anything that looks vintage because it automatically makes me stand out in a good way. This dress with puffy shoulders does all the work for you, and adding gold hoop earrings and a bandana as a choker will definitely make others do a double take.

6. Never be afraid to clash prints!

Most people are afraid to clash prints, but it is the challenge of pairing prints together that makes the final outcome so much fun and rewarding. This is Harling Ross, Fashion Editor at Man Repeller. One of my fashion favorites! She’s never afraid to wear bold colors, prints, and silhouettes.

7. Take me to the desert!

If I could live out my dreams to star in a film, this would be the western vibes look I’d want to flaunt in a scene taking place in a ranch or desert. I’d probably die from a heat stroke, but at least I’d look good! 

8. Hey mom, I’m ready to go skiing!

If I had the chance to live in a place where skiing was a thing, I’d wear this exact outfit and watch people ski from afar. Only because realistically I can’t physically ski in this (how unfortunate), but looking cool from the sidelines would be enough for me. I am a sucker for  turtlenecks and wide legged pants give me life, so I am sold on this look forever and ever.

9.  Boys, Boys, Boys

Everytime a boy fails to realize the power of fashion, a part of me dies inside. So when street style brings along some good menswear looks, I thank the fashion fairies for blessing us. I love when guys wear oversized tops and dirty sneakers. And when they wear colorful prints, I feel understood.

10. Millennial Cinderella

I like to think this is what Cinderella would wear if she were to walk the streets of fashion week. An embellished periwinkle dress paired with black combat boots is the best contrast anyone could ever wear.

*All photos featured were pulled from Vogue Australia and Man Repeller.